Imagine Learning- Reading Program

Imagine Learning Logo *Instructional software purchased through the LHRIC includes a professional service from our experienced staff.

About this Service

Imagine Learning is an engaging language and literacy software program that accelerates English learning.  Imagine Learning teaches language and literacy to students, changing lives and opening doors of opportunity through individualized language/literacy software with actionable data.

Imagine Learning was designed specifically to support Primary & Upper Elementary Grade level students, and will help struggling readers get up to speed. Through explicit instruction in reading skills and strategies, students learn to read at grade level and develop college and career readiness skills.

How Imagine Learning Helps:

  • Research Based Instruction
  • Action Areas Tool- Instant Data = Instant Intervention
  • Proven Motivation & Student engagement
  • Standards Aligned Curriculum
  • Assessment & Reporting- The curriculum your students need, with the data that you need

LHRIC Contact

Mary Lynn CollinsMary Lynn Collins-Callanan
Service Coordinator

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